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What to Plant in February

What to Plant in February

Landscaping is becoming a more and more popular way of personalising the home to suit the family, with over 60% of homeowners renovating their gardens in some way – whether that’s through planting more trees and flowers, building a patio or removing unwanted features – and as a result we’re seeing more versatile and unique gardens springing up across the country. With this is mind, the team here at Court Farm Garden Care have been looking at the most common adaptations homeowners were making to their properties last year to gain insight into the landscaping trends of 2015. Looking at previous trends will help identify what homeowners are looking for in their gardens, which can help you determine the most positive changes you can make to your own space.

Plant flowers such as lobelia, snapdragons, chrysanthemums and geraniums in a glass house or indoors to ensure an early flowering. There’s also a wide range of fruit and vegetables that you can begin to grow now either under cover or indoors. This includes:

Asparagus peas
Brussel sprouts
Sweet potato

Such a range of vegetables to tend to will certainly keep you busy over the rest of the month, but for the best results, consult an expert to advise you on the right varieties for early growth. The team here at Court Farm Garden Centre will be more than happy to assist you in selecting the best produce for early growth, and supply you with all of the protective covers or pots you need.,

Prune any winter-flowering shrubs that have finished flowering, as well as Wisterias, evergreen hedges and conservatory climbers to keep the garden tidy and to prevent dying growth blocking the light and nutrients for new growth. Mowing the grass will also rejuvenate your garden after a winter of neglect.

Note down all of the plant varieties you’ve sowed and the date they were planted so you can log their growth. This was another resolution we suggested in last month’s article, and will be hugely beneficial when it comes to planting next year. You can use your logs to evaluate what did and did not grow successfully so you can alter your future plant selection.

Court Farm Garden Care are home to a wide collection of pots, plants, landscaping material and gardening equipment to suit any budding gardener’s requirements. Our garden centre is renowned for it’s excellent range of products and the knowledgeable and friendly staff on hand to help with your enquiry. Get directions to our store here, and come and pay us a visit. We’ll be happy to help.

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