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Garden Care Services Walton Upon Thames

With over 5000 garden products, we supply Walton Upon Thames with everything you need to create a beautiful garden

Garden Services in Walton Upon Thames

Overgrown shrubs, trees and plants happen, so to ensure your garden maintains its full lustre throughout the year, it’s important to have your local landscaping professionals in Walton Upon Thames provide you with their excellent garden services.

At Garden Care we have been offering our landscaping services to customers since 1967 and have proudly watched our customer base expand and services too. We always take great pride in every job we do, whatever the size of the job and always strive for high customer satisfaction.

We have five teams of expert gardeners and landscapers, which means we can provide both domestic and commercial clients with quick and high quality results. With decades worth of experience under our belts, we have grown a sterling reputation and a long history of happy customers.

Whether you require soft or hard landscaping services, our team can promise you immaculate results and professionalism. If you wish to know more about who we are and what we can do for you, call today and we’ll help you with whatever it is you’re looking for.


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