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New Year Resolutions for Gardeners

New Year Resolutions for Gardeners

Now that December is firmly behind us and the new year has begun, many of us can be suffering from post-Christmas-binge guilt, which leads to the inevitable: unattainable new year’s resolutions to get fit, lose weight and quit eating chocolate. Come June, all of these resolutions are a distant memory, yet the guilt is not! This year, give yourself a break from the dieting and set yourself a more productive and more enjoyable resolution by pledging to improve your garden.

Resolution one: dedicate more time to gardening

The most broad of resolutions, yet an important commitment to make, is to spend more time in the garden. The more time you commit to gardening, the more you will hone your skills and learn new things. During winter, your garden often gets neglected as plants die, the soil hardens, and frankly you would rather spend more time in the warmth of your home than collecting fallen leaves outdoors, so commit now to spending an allocated time each week in the garden.

Resolution two: try new plants

Whether you’re new to gardening or an old hand, we can all be guilty of becoming complacent and churning out the same plants year after year, simply because we’re practiced in them and know they’ll be successful. Variety is important to keep gardening interesting, and to grow and develop as a gardener.

Resolution three: compost

Composting is a fantastic way to get rid of all the rotten foliage and vegetable scraps you have around, and compost is so full of nutrition that when sprinkled into your soil, your plants will flourish. Invest in a good quality composting bin this year and your garden will never look better.

Resolution four: introduce wildlife

Your garden can be more than just a sanctuary for you to relax in, it can be a habitat for all kinds of wildlife. Whether you want to provide shelter for hedgehogs, hang bird feeders for local birds, or even install a pond and add some aquatic life, you can make your garden more enjoyable for the local wildlife.

Resolution 5: log your growth

Another great resolution that can help turn your flourishing hobby into an all composing lifestyle is to record all aspects of your plants’ growth, garden conditions and the weather. While this might seem a bit laborious at first, you can use your journal to check which plants worked well, how the weather affected growth and which parts of your garden had an unsuccessful bloom. This will allow you to improve on aspects of your garden such as soil PH and plant locations to dramatically improve the overall growth of your garden next year.

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