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A Look Back at Landscaping Trends in 2015

A Look Back at Landscaping Trends in 2015

Landscaping is becoming a more and more popular way of personalising the home to suit the family, with over 60% of homeowners renovating their gardens in some way – whether that’s through planting more trees and flowers, building a patio or removing unwanted features – and as a result we’re seeing more versatile and unique gardens springing up across the country. With this is mind, the team here at Court Farm Garden Care have been looking at the most common adaptations homeowners were making to their properties last year to gain insight into the landscaping trends of 2015. Looking at previous trends will help identify what homeowners are looking for in their gardens, which can help you determine the most positive changes you can make to your own space.

Additional seating areas

More families want to make the most of their property and utilise all of the space available to them, so last year saw an increase in the amount of homeowners updating their landscape with additional seating areas. Garden furniture such as swing seats and outdoor sofas are stylish additions to any garden that provide more opportunities to enjoy the outdoors. To make the space usable year round, you could consider adding a summer house, gazebo or veranda to protect the area from the weather elements, and adding a feature such as a fire pit will not only provide warmth and light in the colder months, but it is also a great social piece; you can gather your friends and family round and toast marshmallows, instead of being stuck indoors!

Increased use of lighting

To make the outdoor space more habitable and aesthetically appealing at night time, 2015 saw an increased focus on lighting, with LED or spotlights being firm favourites. You can add more lighting to showcase certain aspects of your garden – around a water feature, perhaps? To make the space safer, lights around the perimeter will allow you to see the entirety of your garden for extra peace of mind, while illuminating your path will prevent trips or falls.

Low maintenance plants

Plants and flowers are always appealing in gardens, but not many homeowners have the time or skill to keep on top of their garden care. For this reason, 2015 saw many homeowners trying very low maintenance foliage to increase the appeal of their gardens. Plants can be used as either a central piece in the garden or to provide a pleasing trim to the space, but ensure the plants you have selected will flourish with minimum care – if you’re unsure about what plants would be best suited to your garden, ask a professional service for assistance.

Patios and terraces

In another bid to create low maintenance, attractive spaces, more and more homeowners have opted to remove chunks of their garden and replace the area with patios and terraces. Not only does this reduce the amount of grass mowing that the homeowner must keep on top of, but it produces a level platform for the introduction of more functional elements.

Garden paths

Whether you have a large or small garden to work with, a garden path can help break up the space beautifully, providing a safe walkway around the area, as well as introducing a new texture to the garden that can make the area more visually interesting.

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