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What is the Best Water Feature for Your Garden

What is the Best Water Feature for Your Garden

Water features are a fantastic addition to a garden, creating a new, dynamic element to an otherwise flat landscape and allowing you to introduce new varieties of plants and wildlife to your garden. Water can also be a very calming element, making your garden a more relaxing place to unwind and spend time. If you’re looking to add a water feature to your garden, you may be wondering what the best option is for your home – Court Farm Garden Care is here to help, here we have a rundown of how to choose a water feature that’s in keeping with your property.

Consider size

While we’d all love to have a large, beautiful water feature, it just isn’t possible for all of us. If your garden is small, you may struggle to fit a pond or flowing water feature, but you could certainly fit a small water fountain. Remember when choosing a water feature that you will need to have plenty of space around the feature to walk – your feature should not take over your garden, it should accentuate it.

What will work with your ground?

Some water features need flat ground, while others work best on hilly terrain. If you know what type of feature you want and the best ground type for your chosen structure, you can work to alter the landscape of your garden, digging the ground to build a flat, level surface or moving earth and turf to create a slope, if needed.

Choosing plants

The next decision you will face is whether or not you would like plants to be part of your water feature. Having plants placed in your water feature would require still water as opposed to running, and your water feature would have to be situated in an area with good access to sunlight. Bear in mind when using plants in your water feature that you will be required to keep on top of caring for the plants, otherwise your feature can begin to look unkempt.

Aquatic pets

Fishes are a fantastic way to introduce wildlife into your garden, and a great option for those of you looking for very low maintenance pets! Flowing water is best for fish, as it is richer in oxygen and therefore gives fish the best chance of survival. Remember, however, when dealing with any living being, fishes will require some care to ensure they remain healthy, so check with your supplier about the best conditions for your variety.

Child safety

Water features pose a very dangerous threat to young children, even if your feature doesn’t have very high water. Ponds can be a drowning risk to children, so should be avoided if you often have quizitive children around. Tall water features may be the best bet for homes with young children, as it ensures that the feature is out of reach. You could also place a security railing around your chosen feature to prevent children getting too close.


Your local authority may require you to have a permit to build your water feature, depending on its size. Before installing a water feature of any variety, it is best to check with your government to ensure you are abiding by all the legislations you need to be.

What feature?

Now you’ve made all of your considerations about the placement of your feature and the elements you’d like to add to it, you can begin to narrow down your options and choose the perfect feature for your garden. With options such as flowing or still water, rocks, plants, sand or turf, and many designs and styles to choose from, you can create a beautiful, complimentary water feature for your garden.

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