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Japanese Maple – All you need to know

Japanese Maple Tree – All you need to know

The Japanese Maple is a popular and versatile tree that is perfect for any size garden. Loved for its deep red leaves with purple tints, the Japanese Maple is ideal for adding interest and colour to your garden. It is also very easy to grow and maintain.

If you are interested in growing your own Japanese Maple, read on for our top tips and information.

Why the Japanese Maple?

Other than its stunning shape and colour, the reasons for growing the Japanese Maple plentiful. This compact, slow-growing tree is ideal for smaller outdoor spaces, as it will not quickly outgrow your garden.

The Japanese Maple is easy to take care of as it doesn’t require full sunlight and can be grown in a simple container or in the ground.

Selecting your tree

Most Japanese Maples on the market rarely exceed 1-2m, however, it is possible to grow a tree larger than 8m.

There are various breeds of tree including the Acer Japonicum which is a smaller tree, and the Acer Palmatum which is a shrub-like plant that grows broader rather than taller. They are available in most garden centres as a container plant but may also be available for purchase bare root in nurseries during Autumn.


Its best to plant from October to March in a spot in your garden which gets some sun but is also partly shaded, as it does not like strong sunlight. The maple also requires shelter from the wind. Plant the tree in acidic, well-drained soils and make sure they aren’t planted to deep as they prefer their roots shallow.

We recommend watering at least once a week (especially during periods of hot weather) and mulching with compost or mulching bark to keep the soil moist. If you are growing in a container, ensure the soil is moist but not soaking wet. A good tip is to add sharp sand to aid drainage.


As the tree grows older the care for the tree becomes easier and less water and feeding is required. Its worth laying compost once or twice a year if you are growing your tree in the ground just to promote further growth.

The Japanese Maple boasts a naturally elegant shape and rarely requires pruning other than to remove dead leaves and shoots. Yearly pruning may be required to tidy up the shape and is best undertaken in the winter months when the tree is dormant. If pruning isn’t your strong suit, get in touch with garden care contracting for help!

The Japanese Maple is a very rewarding tree to have! Get in touch with our contracting team today to discuss your options for having one planted. 

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