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Best indoor plants to get you through the winter

Best indoor plants to get you through the winter

During the colder months, planting indoors is the best way to see growing results. While the plants outside are losing their colour, you can bring their natural colours inside with some of these plant-astic pot plants! Read on for the best indoor plants for the winter.

There’s an air about them

The latest interior decorating trends are leaning towards aloes and succulents because of their new-found air purifying qualities. If you’re all about having a good atmosphere in your home, Nasa’s clean air study recommends various plants for removing toxins from the air.

For example, Peace Lilies remove carbon dioxide while Chrysanthemums have been found to remove ammonia and xylene from the atmosphere in your living space. The popular rubber plants are also good for filtering nasties like benzene and formaldehyde. 

Looking sharp

If you think gardening is not your strength or you kill every plant you touch, then give a cactus a try! Rest assured the Cactus is not a fussy plant and will not nag you for water or re-potting. All they want is a spot where they can get sunlight and watering about once a month.

If a commitment-free, low maintenance cactus prickles your fancy, then we recommend you visit the garden centre to explore our varieties, we are sure you won’t regret it!

Party thyme

Herbs, and small vegetable plants such as chillies can normally be sown any time of year. Best kept in a pot indoors, red hot chilli peppers such as ‘Apache’ and ‘Medusa’ are incredibly versatile. The splash of red will also brighten up your home during the bleak winter months.

To get the best results, keep these little firecrackers on a windowsill in a room that usually stays above 20°c. Keep the soil well-drained and water about twice a week.

While herb plants don’t offer as much colour, they can fill your home with their fresh fragrance which will make you feel like you are living in the great outdoors. Favorites such as Rosemary, Thyme and Chives are easy to grow and often flower, so they can offer and colour and fragrance to your home.

Purrfect fur the whole family

If you are a pet lover like us, you will want a plant that is safe for your little lodgers. There are a lot of plants that are fine for humans but are toxic for pets, but don’t let this cur-tail your enthusiasm.

A few examples of popular indoor plants that are pet-friendly are spider plants, parlor palms and money trees. The beautiful Echeveria lola is another very easy plant to grow if you are in the market for a hassle-free plant.

Larger than life

If you want to fill a large empty space in your home with the magic of mother nature, then consider some of these large indoor plants that could be perfect for you.

Plants like the Philodendron, Polyscias and the Yucca are quite hardy and do not need frequent watering – ideal for those of us who aren’t green fingered. They are also great for adding a new lease of life to a living room or bedroom!

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