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The Perfect Patio Base

The Perfect Patio Base

Patios are a great addition to a garden, providing a level and solid grounding for a seating or dining area, as well as reducing the amount of maintenance your garden needs. When installing a patio into your garden, you need to ensure that the base is structurally sound to make certain that your patio looks and works right.

You will need:

Spirit level
Tape measure
Sub base/aggregate
Sharp Sand

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  1. Mark your patio site out with pegs and string
  2. Remove topsoil
  3. Excavate the area about 6 inches deep, sloping slightly away from the house to allow for draining
  4. Compact the soil
  5. Add your aggregate or sub base to the area, spreading evenly
  6. Compress the area
  7. Check for any sinkholes that may require extra aggregate to ensure a level patio
  8. Prepare cement (5 parts sand, 1 part cement and water), your cement should have a doughy consistency (Tip: To check the consistency of your cement, form the cement into a snowball – the mix should retain its shape when released)
  9. Cement a corner of your area, about the size of your paving stone
  10. Carefully lower the paving stone into the corner, ensuring not to slide the stone into the cement and place it firmly into the corner
  11. Continue adding cement and paving stones to the area, frequently checking the stones are flat and even with a spirit level
  12. Leave the slabs and cement to set for 24 hours

    Remember:When dealing with cement, you need to wear the right protective clothing to prevent cement burns and other injuries.

Things to remember

When constructing your patio base, it is important to remember to keep checking the levelling of your base – if the ground isn’t even and free of sinkholes, your patio will sag and look unprofessional. The key to avoiding this is compacting the earth frequently and firmly to ensure a hard base. It is also necessary for the patio to have enough of a slope to allow effective draining, otherwise your patio could flood and bevel with water damage. Whilst this is the basic method for preparing a garden patio, it should be seen as a guide for those experienced in gardening and hardscaping. If you are not confident in your abilities to carry out this procedure, call in some professional landscapers for assistance. Garden Care Contracting Services can guarantee you a perfect patio base and a well-built patio, using high-quality materials.

Finishing touches

To really make the most of your patio, invest in some complimenting garden pots and planters and outdoor plants to add some beauty and a touch of nature to the area.

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