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Landscaping tips when buying a new home

Landscaping tips when buying a new home

Potential homeowners are thorough and precise when inspecting every inch and crevice of properties for sale. The garden, however, is usually overlooked or given a general once over to consider the basic aspects, such as size and material, without visualizing how an unkempt lot could be transformed into a garden paradise. Court Farm Garden Centre are here to offer our assistance, providing you tips on how to landscape a basic lawn to be more suitable for your needs.


Firstly, consider what aspects of your garden you want to retain and what you would like to get rid of. If you’re a keen gardener, you may want to remove portions of patio to make room for vegetable patches. If you’re a family, you may want to add more tall trees for privacy and replace large portions of grass with patio or paving for a low-maintenance landscape. When designing the layout for your garden, measure the area and draw out a to-scale design to get an accurate reflection of the space and how the grounds will work.

Plants and turf

Inspect the soil quality on your new property; heavy clay soils or sandy soils may need to be replaced with a fresh turf or topsoil to encourage the best quality growth. You may even consider replacing your turf with artificial grass for a guaranteed luscious looking lawn that’s very low maintenance.

When considering tree placement, remember that only smaller trees are suitable near the house as larger branches can cause damage to windows. If you are interested in large trees, place them near the garden border to provide privacy and shading to your garden.

Plants must be planted in the right soil consistency and have the right weather conditions available to them. You may even need to consider hedges or windbreaks to provide shelter or shading to keep your plants healthy.


For patios and paving, concrete is the cheapest option, but it is prone to cracking. Opting for a natural stone may be a better option, but will be more expensive.

When constructing fencing, remember that any fencing above 2m (6.56 ft) will require planning permission.

Ask the professionals

If you are uncertain of any aspect of your landscaping renovation, you can always ask professionals for help or guidance in understanding the land. Whether it’s questions about soil PH, the most suitable trees for your garden, or even the right tools to use, professional landscapers can provide you with the knowledge to get your garden perfect.

Court Farm Garden Centre have an excellent range of products and services, and we take pride in everything we have to offer. Our planteria offers a host of shrubs, trees, compost, pots and bedding plants that enable you to create the garden of your dreams. For all of your landscaping needs, and for the friendly assistance of our experts, find directions to our centre here.

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