What is a Tree surgeon and what do they do? - Garden Care

What is a Tree surgeon and what do they do?

What is a Tree surgeon and what do they do?

A tree surgeon is responsible for the planting, pruning, felling and general treatment, care and maintenance of trees. A tree surgeon has many responsibilities and is one of the most dangerous occupations in the world.

A tree surgeon will offer many services relating to the management of trees in a variety of locations and for a wide range of clients. Tree surgeons must be physically fit, proficient in a number of power tools and able to work outdoors in all conditions.

What does a tree surgeon do?

The many responsibilities of a tree surgeon means the services they offer are varied. Here, we will take a look at what a tree surgeon does and the different roles a tree surgeon can take on.

Tree surgeons will carry out inspections and hazard assessments to properly assess the health and potential danger of trees. This is an important part of the job as it will decide how much work must be performed, how long the work will take to complete and, for public sites, influences how the public might be affected. For private work, an inspection by a tree surgeon will involve discussion about what needs to be done, what the customer requires and should provide an estimate to cost, time and amount of disruption that may occur.

If a tree has dead or weak branches, the overall health of the tree will likely be at risk. A tree surgeon will identify branches that would be better off removed, and will climb the tree using harnesses to remove the branches. This is why a tree surgeon must be physically fit. ‘Climbers’ will likely have to climb very tall trees on a regular basis, which is a huge physical demand.

Removing the identified branches should make the tree lighter and therefore healthier, which will help save the tree from collapsing. The use of chainsaws and pruning equipment while suspended high off the ground means the job of a tree surgeon is highly dangerous, but experienced, contracted tree surgeons should always follow all the proper safety precautions to help prevent accidents.

Sometimes, it doesn’t do just to remove certain branches. If a large tree proves to be a threat to public safety, or if a tree is dead, a tree surgeon will be employed to cut the entire thing down. This is, of course, a dangerous job and will involve a few people performing different roles to ensure the work is carried out properly and as safely as possible. Those on the ground will help support the climber as they make their way up the tree, and will also scour the grounds to dispose of debris using wood shredders – a very dangerous task.

Tree surgeons aren’t only concerned with the chopping, pruning and felling of trees, they are also involved in planting and maintaining trees. Planting must be done with absolute care, making sure that the plant is properly put into the ground and cared for properly so it can thrive. This can include the use of cables, supports and bracing to ensure that the tree grows properly and won’t need extra maintenance in the future.

Tree surgeons may also apply pesticides to damaged trees to improve their resistance and will also be involved with the preparation and clearance of sites before new trees are ready.

Problematic stumps and even unruly hedges can also be taken care of by tree surgeons. They will use specialised equipment to grind away stumps in order to remove them, while hedge trimming can be performed to help improve the look of a garden and make the hedge easier to manage.

Court Farm Garden Care offer a range of tree surgery services, performed by our fully certified team of tree surgeons, to help with any tree work that our customers request. Whether you need a small hedge trimmed or a large tree pruned, lopped or felled, our expert team will endeavour to solve any problem to the highest standards, so don’t hesitate to get in touch today.

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