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The Benefits of Artificial Grass

The Benefits of Artificial Grass

Although originally restricted to sports pitches, artificial grass has become an increasingly popular choice for domestic use, thanks to the benefits outlined here.

Perfect Aesthetics

Probably one of the most well known benefits of artificial grass, yet nevertheless an important one to mention; laying artificial grass guarantees a lawn that looks perfectly maintained and nourished, year-round. This means that no matter the weather, your lawn will always look attractive, thus improving the kerb appeal of your home. Artificial grass is available in mixed shades to ensure that the lawn looks authentic and fresh, and no one will know any better unless they physically touch the grass!

More Leisurely Lifestyle

Artificial grass is the closest you’ll get to a completely maintenance-free outdoor space. This enables the owners to have a much more leisurely lifestyle as they don’t have to carry out the laborious weekly task of mowing the lawn and weeding the garden! This leisurely lifestyle is perfect for those who hate gardening, or even elderly and disabled people who physically can’t take care of their lawn, but don’t want to sacrifice the appearance.

More Environmentally Friendly

Artificial grass can be beneficial to the environment as it can actively reduce water consumption (artificial grass doesn’t need regularly watered during droughts like real grass does), lower carbon emissions from petrol lawnmowers and reduce pollution from fertilisers and pesticides.

Cost Effective

The one off investment of purchasing artificial grass can be significantly lower than years of purchasing fertilisers, pesticides, lawn mowers etc. that are required to maintain a real lawn. You may also find that your water bill is significantly lower, therefore saving you money in the long run and making artificial grass a cost-effective option for your lawn.

Suited to Unfavourable Circumstances

Another great benefit, artificial grass is much more suitable for areas where grass might not be possible. Some examples being:

  1. Swimming pool areas – if you’re lucky enough to have an outdoor pool, you may find that splashback from the water can be making the surrounding grass muddy and uneven. Artificial grass eradicates this issue and creates a luxurious, pristine appearance.
  2. Roof gardens – if you’re thinking about adding a rooftop garden, your roof may not be able to support the weight of the heavy layers of vegetation and collected rainwater needed to create healthy grass. Artificial grass is much more lightweight and so is a much more suited option.
  3. Pet owners or families with young children – family life can often subject gardens to heavy wear and tear that can leave the grass in a horrible mismatched state. Artificial grass provides a soft, durable replacement that can’t be easily damaged by day-to-day life or your pet’s paws, making it the perfect option to balance a family with a neat looking home.
  4. Those with allergies – having hayfever can make the summer months unbearable, but having an artificial lawn means that you can still enjoy the outdoors. Having an artificial lawn enables you to sit in the comfort of your garden without suffering!

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