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Planning ahead

Planning ahead

Winter is the best time of year to plan for the next season. That includes not only planting, but also the structure of your garden.

We like to look at our client’s gardens and design zones within the space they have. Each area we create, can be the destination for a particular type of plant (e.g. Roses, Ericaceous, Alpines or Herbaceous) or maybe a different aspect to sit in (e.g. morning sun, afternoon sun or even shade). With this plan for structure in place, we then create a design that makes your new garden a cohesive extension to your home.

So why winter?

Garden design and planning takes time, but once the plans have been established, it is normal to wish to see them brought to life as soon as possible. Most landscapers have a lead time of anywhere from between 2-6 months. Therefore, if it takes 1-2 months to get your plans sorted, you could be looking at using your new space, next season and not the season afterwards. More importantly, planning in the winter means you’ll be ready for the best time for turfing and also having the plant stock available for planting. 

We offer a full consultation and design service; including Computer Aided Design. This means we can show you 3D renderings of what the new areas within your garden can look like. We find this gives the client more confidence than a 2D design and makes visualisation more realistic.

So why not give us a call now. Don’t wait till Spring, give us a ring!

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