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How to Pick Your Perfect Christmas Tree

How to Pick Your Perfect Christmas Tree

The festive season is coming around quickly, and with that comes the seasonal family trip to purchase a perfect Christmas tree. There are a lot of considerations to bear in mind when selecting your tree, including the size, care and type of tree. Court Farm Garden Centre have compiled this guide to give you tips on how to pick your perfect Christmas tree.

Wouldn’t I Be Better off with an Artificial Tree?

Our opinion – a big no! Many fall into the trap of believing that artificial trees are more cost-effective and better for the environment than real trees because they are a one time investment and are able to be re-used for many Christmases to come. However, artificial trees are made from PVC, and older trees can even have lead in them, releasing dangerous toxins into your home and bringing about many serious health issues. Furthermore, PVC is non-biodegradable so once disposed of, will be left in landfills forever. Causing further damage the environment, most artificial trees are shipped from China, resulting in a huge carbon footprint.

On the other hand, all of our trees at Court Farm Garden Centre are from sustainable managed forests and are 100% recyclable.

What Types of Real Christmas Trees Are There?


The most durable and popular tree we sell, but also the most expensive. However, this tree is great value for money when you consider the advantages:

Non-drop – whilst all trees will shed some pines due to damage in transportation, this variety will shed the least amount and will look the best for longer.
Good shape and a full appearance
Attractive dark green foliage
Soft pines, rather than spiky, make it a safe bet around children
Available cut or rooted potted


An exciting tree that offers the capability to fill a tight spot without compromising on shape. This variety has the added advantage of being needle drop resistant – think of it as a halfway house between Blue Spruce and Nordmanniana, as far as needle drop goes. Appearance wise, the Picea Ormorica has a distinctive blue/green tinted foliage with a small soft pine.

Available cut or rooted potted


An alternative style tree, and the most decorative with its distinctive spiky and contemporary look. This variety has blue/grey foliage and offers customers a quality shaped tree and an unusual look at a competitive price. Better needle retention than a Norway Spruce, with pines that are just as spiky.

Available cut or rooted potted


The most traditional of Christmas trees, and loved by most for its spiky needles and familiar sell – many see this as a real mark of a good and traditional Christmas! It has a distinctive shape and smell and is the cheapest variety of Christmas tree, however, the needles do drop.

Available cut, bare root or bare-rooted and potted

Tips to Get the Most out of Your Tree

Knowing what kind of tree you want is only half the battle; follow these quick tips to select a good quality tree and keep it looking great throughout the festive period:
To choose the best quality tree, follow the simple shake, tug, break test. Shake the tree – if needles drop off, the tree is too dry. Tug at the needles gently to see if many drop off, this also means the tree is getting too dry. Attempt to break a needle; a good quality and well watered tree should have flexible needles that don’t snap in your hand
Measure your home and the tree you are looking at buying – choose a tree that’s going to fit comfortably and spaciously in your home, and don’t forget to allow for the added height of a tree stand
Once you get your tree home, cut an inch off the bottom and place it in water. This fresh cut allows the tree to take up water more easily
Keep your tree well watered to prevent excessive needle shedding
Keep the tree out of direct sunlight or heat – your tree will live longer in lower temperatures

Court Farm “The freshest Christmas Trees”

We pride ourselves in supplying only the freshest, top grade trees. This is the reason why many local residents near and afar come to our garden centre for their tree at Christmas. Having been selling trees here for over thirty years, we have become a traditional, seasonal destination. With such a variety of trees in every size, and all under cover, you can shop in comfort. Getting your tree home couldn’t be easier thanks to our large car park and delivery service. This is all accompanied by a fantastic range of Christmas lights, stands and festive foliage. The trees arrive on the 28th November, and we’re open seven days a week. Court Farm Garden Centre also have a range of high-quality seasonal items to get you in the festive spirit. From fuel and coal to fire logs and kindling, we’ve got all the necessities to construct a warming and thoroughly festive fire in your home or garden. Come visit at our centre; you can get directions here.

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